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Integral Vilag website is the Hungarian segment of the International Integral Community based on the Integral theory of Ken Wilber.

Ken Wilber is generally regarded as the world's most influential Integral thinker. He is the first psychologist-philosopher in history to have his Collected Works published while still alive, and with his 22 books translated in up to 30 foreign languages, Ken is perhaps the most highly translated academic writer in America.

Integral means "comprehensive, inclusive, covering all the bases" - or at least trying to. A comprehensive, integral, or inclusive approach is, almost by definition, a little bit hard to grasp at the beginning. However, as its general features become familiar, the Integral approach to various problems actually becomes fairly simple to understand and easy to apply.

Many people believe that Jack Crittenden's foreword to one of Ken's books does an excellent job of introducing the Integral approach and its general importance. For convenience, Integral Institute has made "What Is the Meaning of Integral?" available as a PDF by clicking here. See also The Integral Approach for a summary of Integral methodology and examples of how it can be applied.

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